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Memo Review
Thanks for reading in 2018

Thank you for your readership and support of Memo Review in 2018. We’re going to take a well-earned break from our weekly review schedule, returning in February 2019.

In the last few months, we have been preparing a publication of the 52 reviews from 2017. Thanks to the hard work of Warren Taylor, Joanna Leucuta, Genevieve Osborn—alongside Memo’s editorial team—we will be launching the book of reviews in January 2019. Stay tuned for information about the launch date. We’d also like to thank th...

Memo Review
Does the art exhibition have a future?

Does the art exhibition have a future?

Interview with Catherine de Lorenzo, Alison Inglis, Joanna Mendelssohn and Catherine Speck

This week the Art Association of Australian and New Zealand held their annual conference at RMIT University in Melbourne. Given that nearly all of the writers for Memo Review are art historians, we thought that this week we would take up the subject of art history itself. But also, given that Memo Review reviews an art exhibition every week, we thought it would...

David Wlazlo
Melbourne Art Fair & Spring 1883

Melbourne Art Fair & Spring 1883

This week Memo Review travels through two art fairs currently open as part of Melbourne Art Week: David Wlazlo and Amelia Winata review the reborn Melbourne Art Fair at Southbank Arts Precinct, and Vicki Perin reviews the third Spring 1883 at The Hotel Windsor on Spring Street.

Melbourne Art Fair

Southbank Arts Precinct, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank, 2–5 August

By David Wlazlo

Maybe it isn’t the best way to approach it, but Melbourne Art Fair...

Memo Review
Best and Overlooked of 2018

Best and Overlooked of 2018

Memo Review asked three of our contributors to write on a show they have especially liked but that we haven't had a chance to review. As a special issue we publish these reviews from Tiarney Miekus, Amelia Winata and Giles Fielke.

Ella Sowinska 80 Ways

recess, Friday 30 March – 30 April 2018

By Tiarney Miekus

Considering the amount of things that can be streamed online (i.e., entire lives), it's peculiar how art is a thing that supposedly doesn't...

Memo Review
Statement from Memo Review

In 2016, The Age ended its weekly art review column, which it had been publishing for well over a century. For the first time, the public space occupied by the local art review has effectively been vacated in Melbourne. The art review is an important forum where meaningful dialogue and exchange can take place between artists, gallerists, critics, collectors and the public. Without a regular review, the art world lacks a meeting place where common ground can be found, be it to settle scores or...