Jane Eckett
Point Leo Estate sculpture park, by Jane Eckett

Lenton Parr, Vega, 1969, posthumously enlarged and fabricated 2012, painted steel.

Point Leo Estate sculpture park, 3649 Frankston-Flinders Road, Merricks, VIC

That the Mornington Peninsula now boasts three privately endowed sculpture parks is a remarkable fact given the relatively small geographic area. Joining the long-standing McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park (founded and chiefly supported – up until recently – by the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch) are two new additions, both attached...

Jane Eckett
Unexpected correspondence: 'Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn, A Joint Centenary' at Charles Nodrum Gallery, by Jane Eckett

Elwyn Lynn, Yokohama, 1984, gouache and mixed media on paper, 56.00 x 76.00.

Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn, A Joint Centenary, 17 August - 02 September, 2017.

A shared centenary, mutual admiration and a friendship spanning the final quarter-century of their lives are the ostensible justifications for the present joint exhibition of Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn at Charles Nodrum Gallery, Richmond. Their friendship also extends to provenance. Fifteen years ago Nodrum showed a suite of over two-...